Take A Seat IIPA

Some Brew notes on the Take-A-Seat IIPA...

We went with a basic grain bill. Heavy on the 2-Row and light on the 15L crystal; allowing the hop character of the Citra and Mosaic to shine through any maltiness. 

To avoid bitterness lingering in the tongue, we added nearly no hops to the boil.  Instead, a 16oz. bomb of the fruity hops was added to a manual whirlpool. In fact, the original experimental recipe we designed was named "Hops No Boil" with absolutely no hops added to the wort before flame out.  

We knew from experience that the extreme gravity (1.080ish) would put any yeast to the test...so we dropped 3 packs of WL007. This is one of our favorite ale yeasts. Very dry, great attenuation and can handle high gravity beers.  It seemed to do the job like always, giving us a beer around 9%ABV. 

Next time, a true yeast starter could take this heater to the next level. 

Overall, a fantastic all grain IIPA that continues to get better as we tweak it! Looking for some experimental hops to try on its next brew appointment!

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