Oatmeal & Maple Syrup

Who doesn't like Oatmeal & Maple Syrup? I mean come on, is this not a Classic?  

We started with the following kit from Jasper's and then...added Organic Pennsylvania Maple Syrup.  

The first addition of 8oz. of Maple Syrup was during the last 10 minutes of the boil. We also added another 8oz. as we were kegging.  

Unlike some dry yeasts we have used in the past, the Yeast included in the kit was very slow acting. No bubbling. No bubbling after a full 24 hours. Not knowing if this was going to be a slow fermentation, we opted to throw in a second packet of Dry Yeast. The second packet was a Safbrew S-33 Dried Ale...as that was all we had on hand!  

Thankfully, fermentation ensued and after three weeks fermentation was complete. Two different Final Gravity readings over a 3 day period and we were comfortable it was not doing to ferment any more.  

The Final Gravity came up short of the Target, but that was not surprising considering the issue we had with our yeast.  Our transfers are always with gravity, and we find clearing tubing works great!  The Final Gravity was 1.037, and the target was 1.012-1.016.  

The aroma and taste of the batch was interesting.  Very roasted aroma.  The oatmeal was in the body and cream.  Smooth, and silky as the recipe suggests. The maple syrup was noted up front.  

Not a disappointment even though the Final Gravity Target was not hit.  The next batch with this recipe we will definitely do a starter batch of yeast, or switch to a liquid yeast, such as Liquid Yeast: Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Yeast.  

To be continued...

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