1.5" Tri-Clamp 2 Piece Ball Valve

$26.49 $28.99

Now you can continue using NPT threads to connect our new Tri-Clamp fittings and accessories!  

Tri-Clamp fittings have long been used in the Food & Beverage Industries, but due to their wide-ranging use they are also commonly used in the Pharmaceutical & Medical fields to ensure sanitation while transferring liquids or medications. 

Made of Stainless Steel 304 grade for higher strength as well as greater corrosion resistance when compared to SS302 grade. The handle will keep itself in place allowing for flow of liquids without needing to completely open the valve.


  • Food Grade SS304 
  • 3/4" and 1"  - Two Sizes Convenient for HomeBrewing Applications
  • Easy to Install and Remove for Cleaning & Sanitizing. Polished surface.
  • 300ºF Max Temperature with Max Pressure at 10-12bar

To use the Tri-Clamp valves with NPT fittings, simply use the NPT to TC component. After threading the NPT to TC component into the EZ Seal Weldless Bulkhead, simply add your gasket and clamp.  

If you wanted to add another component before or after the valve, and either horizontally or vertically, simply add another gasket and one more clamp.  The ability to add components without the need for pipe thread tape makes the process a little easier.  

  • Price of Valve Includes (2) 1.5" TC Silicone Gaskets

Additional hardware shown is not included and is intended to show usage. 

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