SS Coiled Temperature Control Lid for 13.5g Fermenters

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Food Grade Stainless Steel. Temperature Control Coiled Lid with Gasket.

This is our standard 4" threaded lid, and comes complete with gasket. The length of the coils from the bottom of the lid is approximately 18 1/4".  

This Coiled Lid will cool the 13.5 Gallon Conical Fermenters.  

The only thing you would need beyond this lid would be Tubing and Clamps to secure the tubing to the lid. 3/8" Tubing will fit the Connectors on the Lid.

Tubing and Clamps are Sold Separately and are not included with the lid.

With the Lid and Tubing secure, you are then able to connect those tubes to a Pump and then to a Glycol Chiller or Cold/Ice or Hot Water Bath for recirculation.  

An InkBird Temperature Control Unit will automate your Temperature Control and allow you set temperatures through Wifi. InkBird units also sold separately, and are not included with the Coiled Lids.  

We are also in the process of having NeoPrene Sleeves for the Fermenters!!! These will greatly enhance the benefits of using the Coils. Details will be posted as more information becomes available.  

Wetsuit material will work great, for all you DIYers!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email.  Happy to Help!