Oh My, Chocolate Milk!

After thoroughly enjoying Lancaster Brewing's Special Edition, Double Chocolate Milk Stout, we were inspired to creating something on our own that would just as delicious!

We chose THIS to start with.  Below is how we chose to modify the recipe.

Instead of adding the priming sugar, or Lactose, into the boil and after the grains were removed, we chose to add it in at the last 5 minute mark of the Boil.  This then pushed the Original Gravity to 1.065, which was slightly higher than the expected 1.060.  The fermentation, with the dry yeast included in the kit, was very aggressive within a short period of time after pitching!

The second deviation from the standard recipe was in the addition of the 4oz. of Natural Chocolate Flavor.  Instead of adding it to the fermenter one day before bottling, we instead to chose to add it directly to the keg as we filled it.  

This one was enjoyed by all.  The chocolate flavor was there all the way through, and the creamy body was just like a milkshake!  Try it.


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