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15 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank

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 Minibrew® Hot Liquor Tank 15

The Hot Liquor Tank 15 makes all grain brewing easier and much more fun. It is designed for mash water preparation and hot liquor storage.

We recommend you use it with our Minibrew® MiniMash Lauter Tun 15. Place the tank on a shelf above your MiniMash Lauter Tun so you can gravity feed to your mash operation. Use gravity once again, or a seal less magnetic drive polysulfone pump to move the hot water from the kettle or heating source to the Hot Liquor Tank 15. You can also recirculate the water through the mash until you have extracted all the sugars. A one inch thread is included. 

For those who wish to add a heating element, you will need a temperature control unit to regulate the heating element; however, we have the added the 1" port for you. Some brewers may build their own heating control unit. Search the web for instructions.

The resistance to energy transfer is slightly greater than stainless steel. In other words, our plastic holds the heat longer than stainless steel.

We include with your purchase a 1/2” ball valve, 1 barb fittings for hosing, 1” heating element thread and plug, thermometer thread plug, sight glass and tank with lid. Gallon markings are on the side by the Teflon sight glass. One additional port, near the bottom is also provided. 

Our HDPE tanks will hold boiling water as the plastic melts at 240 degrees.  The tank is 17 1/4 inches wide at the lid, the widest point and 22 1/4 inches from top to bottom.

This tank makes all grain brewing easy and fun.

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