Sweet Stout

After the last batch of Chocolate Milk...

Really enjoying the darker malts these days.  Chose a Sweet Stout from MoreBeer...and then added another entire pound of Lactose!  Why not?!

Following the recipe, and by adding an additional kick, the Original Gravity jumped to 1.074.  On that reading, we added an additional pack of White Labs: WLP002 English.  

The recipe called for adding the first pound of Lactose at the last 10 minute mark of the boil.  Check.  We added it, ensuring it was completely dissolved in the wort.  Upon flaming out the boil, we then added the second pound of Lactose and continued to stir until completely dissolved.  

The Fermenting Temperature was steady at 70 degrees.  Very active early fermentation.  We used an 8 gallon fermenter on this batch, provided it allowed for a little more headspace.  After a full seven days in the fermenter, you can still pick up on a sweet note coming from the airlock.

It is still sitting...

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