Fermenters, Hot Liquor Tanks and Mash Tuns on Sale

The tanks you will find On Sale are tanks that we made when we were deciding where certain valves, bulkheads and the logo should be located.

As best as we tried to get it right the first time, we did not.  And, that was how we learned.  We have since made further alterations to certain tanks and fermenters.  

On the fermenters, the alterations had more to do with where things would be located while sitting in the stand.  And, since certain stands have been updated and modified, some of the locations for attachments were necessary.

Also considered were the sizes of the lids for the fermenters.  With so many different people and styles of brewing...we tried to do our best.  You will note some of the tanks listed as On Sale do have a smaller 4" lid.  The lid works very well; however, it is somewhat small for some.  So, we decided to mark those tanks down! 

On the Hot Liquor Tank and Mash Lauter Tun, the alterations were more about the functionality of certain access ports on the tanks.  Again, we tried to accommodate as many styles as we could to allow for personalization within the brewing process.  

Cheers & Happy Brewing!

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