B3 Stout

It is the dark beer season, if there is one and so to continue our theme we chose the popular B3 Stout from MoreBeer.

Similar to Guinness but with reduced bitterness and more malt flavor, according to the Brew Notes which came along with the Extract Kit. 

A healthy 8 pounds of Ultralight Malt Extract was paired with a 1 pound of Black Roasted, 8oz. of Munich and another 8oz. of Carpils.  We used separate brew bags for each of the grains, selecting a very narrow bag to help keep the grains floating.  With regular stirring, these bags never touched the bottom of the kettle.  

Hops were added according to the recipe with 1.5oz. Northern Brewer going in for the full 60 minutes and another 1oz. of British Kent Goldings going in for the last minute of the boil.  

Yeast of choice was the ever reliable White Labs - Irish Ale WLP004.

Very clean and easy extract kit.  We chose to add roughly 8oz. of Cocoa Nibs directly to the fermenter, prior to pitching our yeast.  We will add another 8oz. of Cocoa Nibs directly to the keg.  

Can't wait!

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