A Gingerbread Cookie

And who doesn't want a cookie over the Holiday Season? We Chose Gingerbread Cookies!  

We started out the Thunder Cookie from Jasper's...and then the Holiday Buzz arrived and this one never made it to the Kettle or Fermenter.  So, this is going to be a Late Summer Cookie.  

Original Specific Gravity: 1.068 - And then we used an additional 4oz. of Honey, in addition to the 4oz of Molasses added with the other Fermentables.  

Final Specific Gravity should be between 1.014 - 1.018.  Alcohol by Volume, according to the base recipe should come in at 7.5%.  Color is 52SRM (Ethereal Black). IBUs: 23.  Looking at a total of 6 weeks time in the Fermenter for this one.

We chose WLP004, White Labs Irish Ale and we used two packets to get it started.  

Three days before Kegging, we'll add the Ginger Syrup!  Who knows, maybe we'll age this for this upcoming Holiday Season?!

We are curious to see how the additional Honey will impact our end result.  This was a nice clean & easy recipe!  

Will update as soon...

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~ John