Finally! It's Time to Rack!!!

Once you have reached your projected Specific Gravity and you are satisfied the Beer or Wine is finished, prepare for racking.  

For the smaller fermenters, you can begin by placing the fermenter above the bottles or keg for filling.  

Before racking, open the bottom valve to clear trub and dead yeast cells from the cone.  Connect a tube from the bottom valve or the racking port.  Place the other end of the tube in the keg or container to be filled.  The racking tube should touch the bottom of the keg so the beer or wine does not splash and become infected, or oxidized.  

Open the valve and drain all the finished beer or wine into the keg.  Close the keg and add the recommended pressure for beer.  With wine, inject enough CO2 to cover the new wine.  Bottles can be filled from the racking port as well, or a keg.

Once into the Keg, if you had concerns about oxidation you can purge your CO2 volume from the Airlock Release on the top of the keg and refill with additional CO2.  By doing so, you are ensuring that you have removed all oxygen from the beer you just kegged.

Give it some time and Enjoy! 

Clean and sterilize the Fermenter and all equipment after use.  

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