Filling the Fermenter is So Easy

For smaller batches, gravity makes filling the fermenter very easy. Remember, liquid seeks its own level. You may need to raise the level of the brew kettle or container holding your juice. Cool your wort to near pitching temperature.

Connect a hose from the bottom of the container or brew kettle outlet to either the filling (and dumping) valve at the apex of the cone. Or, simply use the included racking port threaded barb, and connect your tubing directly to it.  Open the valve, and let the wort fill the tank.  You can also transfer wort directly into the top of the tank, using either the 4" opening or the smaller opening used for the cork & airlock.  

Ideally, you find a Closed Hose System that works best for you.  The first two options above are easily setup and will protect sensitive liquid from outside bacterial infection and provides an opportunity for programed aeration.  

Once the fermenter is full, close the bottom valve (or racking port valve) and disconnect the hose.  Once in the fermenter, the hops, trub and lees will settle to the bottom and can be removed.

It is imperative to spray the valves with Sanitizer or a Bleach diluted (15 to 1) with water before opening and after closing.

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