After much research and development, plastic was chosen for his "Beer Making Equipment." It is ideal for the small batch brewer. This indeed was the material of choice. John saw the opportunity for manufacturing brewing equipment not manufactured from stainless steel but high density polyethylene plastic.

Along with HDPE acceptance by the home brewers, we are pleased to discover it is being used by hospitals, bio-research, pharmaceuticals, and other companies where sanitation is imperative. After much experimenting and comparing, he was on to something exciting. John was very impressed with these two factors, affordable and forgiving. Those two key words also impressed the small batch brewer. Wala…..a new business was born. MINIBREW ® will always be known for fast courteous service and a friendly family owned company.

Many of John's old time customers know that John was a stockbroker for twenty years. After that Minibrew ® was his dream. He shipped his first beer making equipment order twenty years ago in April of 1997. Now his wife is wondering, what is he going to do the next twenty years? She can hear the words already as they drive through town, "Now there is a good business opportunity."

Nearing the end of 2017, and at the prime age of 82, John decided it was finally that time - time to pass on MINIBREW ® & all of his knowledge and experience to the next generation of Brewers! For if it was not passed on, it wouldn’t be tradition. And, Brewing Beer is all about Tradition!

After meeting John, it was clear there was a connection and before too long it was decided the best match had been made for a transition. John would be leaving his baby in good hands, with Jeremy eager to take what he learned from John and run with it.  

John will stay aboard Mini for as long as he would like, and will be available for any questions someone may have. John has left MiniBrew ® in the hands of an energetic brewer eager to continue the legacy and offering the home & craft brew population Innovative Small Batch Brewing Equipment.

For 21 years, people have made & enjoyed great beer from all over the World. As one of the first manufacturers of a complete line-up of Small Batch Brewing Equipment, John is a pioneering legend.  

The Second Generation MiniBrew ® also took a slightly different course in career paths, before realizing the Art in Fermentation. Since 2004, Jeremy has been using herbs to make traditional medicinals for patients. Traditionally, the use of Alcohol in an herbal formula was minimal; however, the Alcohol would serve to move the herbs within the body.  The Alcohol will also produce heat within the body, in general to say.  Jeremy maintains regular clinic hours as an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Herbs still play a major role in many cases, as they are the Internal Medicine of Traditional Medicine, typically used when foods cannot change the internal environment enough to lead to systemic change.  

We both Thank You for your support over the last 21 years, and we hope to continue serving your Small Batch Brewing needs for another generation! Here's to You, the Small Batch Brewer!