Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! Wow, out of the Old and Into the New Website! We thought it was time, and although it's taken longer than expected, we hope you enjoy the New Website as much as We Do!

As much as what has changed, so much as stayed the same. Same great Fermenters and Tanks, just a New Look. New Colors! And some Updates and Upgrades!

We are always looking at ways to improve what we do, what we make and how we do it. The Goal is to Deliver the best Fermenters and the best All-Grain Tanks available.  

You'll find Stainless Steel Components on all of our Fermenters as well as All-Grain Tanks. The Ball Valves, Hex Nipples and EZ Seals are all made of SS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.     

The ever popular EZ Seal has also been updated.  Now, instead of one gasket, there are two.  One gasket for inside the tank and another gasket for the outside of the tank.  Two gaskets are definitely better than one!  

Cheers & Happy Brewing!

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