Pitching Yeast

Once you have the wort or juice in place and at the right Pitching Temperature, unscrew the lid and pitch the yeast into the Fermenter.  Fermentation, yeast depending should start within a few hours.  

Within 24 hours of first pitching your yeast, fermentation cells will start to die and collect on the bottom of the Cone.  Depending on style, you may want to collect those dead yeast cells daily, or you may want to wait until the end of your fermentation, before you drain your yeast.  

A Spray Bottle with Sanitizer can be used before and after open and closing any of the valves.  This procedure would disinfect the valve, should you decide to dump yeast from the Bottom Valve.  Or, even if you are checking your gravity reading by utilizing the Racking Port.  

When dead cells are removed, the live cells become more active (which doesn't happen in a Carboy or Plastic Bucket) each time dead cells are removed. You can remove dead yeast, and measure gravity each time you remove the yeast.  

Depending on Yeast, and the Beer being brewed you may want to consider a Blowoff Tube.  If the Krausen of your beer has created too much foam, it may lead to clogging your Airlock and not allowing the pressure to escape properly.  Simply connect a tube from the airlock and allow it to sit in a larger bottle or bucket of water.

Winemakers needn't remove the dead yeast as often.  

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