MiniBrew Over Stainless Steel?

Recent eMail from an Old Customer

I purchased an SS Brewtech Brew Bucket as an upgrade, but took it back opting to go with a MiniBrew fermenter instead. 12 years ago when I stopped brewing I had a MiniBrew Mash Tun that I loved. I then donated it to a friend who was getting into brewing at the time and felt, given my experience with your products, that the 8 Gallon MiniBrew was a better Overall Option vs. the Stainless route. Looking forward to my first batch in the new equipment!

Classic MiniBrew Fermenters

The fermenters seen in the photos were some of the very first MiniBrew fermenters made.  These tanks and fermenters are still in use, and continue to produce batch after batch, with the same consistent results.  The only changes that have been made over the course of the last 22 years have been to upgrade the components to Food Grade Stainless Steel, updated our lid system and created an All Aluminum Stand that was designed to allow the Smaller Fermenters to be lowered and then put in to chest freezers, refrigerators or walk-in coolers.  If you so desire, the old plastic stands can also still be made!  

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