Mini Brew History & Evolution

Hobby Beverage Equipment Company is the manufacturer the MiniBrew line of Conical Fermenters and All-Grain Brewing Tanks.  We were the first to introduce plastic as a viable, cost effective alternative to stainless steel equipment. Our introduction opened the home beverage market and small batch market to professionally designed brewing equipment. Now the Small Batch Brewer and Wine Maker can purchase equipment with all the attributes professional brewers have available and at prices that are affordable.  We ship world wide, and now include Free Shipping (Continental US) on our most popular smaller fermenters and tanks.  

Humble Beginnings

  • John S. Thomas, DBA Hobby Beverage Equipment Company was filed in January 1997.
  • The first product, a 5.5 gallon Mini-Fermenter, was shipped in April of 1997. 
  • The second product, the Mini-Mash Lauter Tun was shipped in September of 1997.
  • The third product developed, the Mini-Quick Hose System was added in October 1997 and then improved in 2004. 
  • The 25 gallon and 40 gallon Fermenters were introduced in September of 1998. 
  • The Mini-Mash Lauter Tun, introduced in 1997, was improved in January of 2001. The latest model is suitable for a 5 or 10 gallon mash. The Mini-Mash has a built in False Bottom that will not float or leak grain around around the edges, and also includes a Teflon Sight Glass.  
  • Affordable Conical Fermenters (AC) was purchased in December of 1999. This purchase secured several more molds, which are one of a kind. These are molds produce the same tank, each and every time.  
  • Our first order for use outside brewing came in 2000, when we partnered with a pharmaceutical company who used our tanks for a blood plasma separation product.  
  • The first order from the US Geological Survey came in July of 2002. They use our tanks to confirm water quality issues. Our tanks are now in many industries, performing many duties all over the world. 
  • From 2002, our tank lineup has grown and now includes a 98 gallon, 101 gallon, as well as a 275 gallon Conical Fermenter.  For larger tanks, we can also help you decide on locations for ports so your Fermenters are Personalized to suit Your Needs. 
  • To complete our All-Grain Tank line, we added the 15 gallon Hot Liquor Tank, complete with Sight Glass and its own Access Port for a heating element (heating element sold separately). HDPE will hold heat for a longer time period than will stainless steel.  
  • In Late February of 2018, Mini Began it's 8th Evolution Since 1997. New Logo. Tank Updates. New Lid Systems. EZ Seal Updates & Upgrades. Stand Updates. We Kept the Best, and Improved the Rest! Now Serving You on the East Coast and the West Coast, with locations in Pennsylvania and California. 

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