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Ultimate Kettle Hop Spider Strainer

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Dimensions are 4" x 10" and the screen is a 300 micron mesh filter, which is perfect for coffee, tea, hops, fruits, vegetables or purees.  Can be used in a boiling kettle or a chilled vessel that could be used for lemonade without the pulp addition.     

Perfect Kettle Filter & Hop Strainer - Designed perfectly to sit inside a small batch brewing kettle.  Allows hops to be added without the need for additional filtration or the use of a muslin bag.  Removing spent hops or grinds or leftover fruit matter has never been easier.  A cleaner beer simply tastes better. Makes multiple hop additions easy.

Stainless Steel is easy to clean & sanitize and built to last.  Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion and can withstand typical brewing temperatures during the boil.

300 micron mesh filter ensures there are no spent materials left in your kettle.  This is also perfect for use with additional pumps or chilling equipment.  Perfect for home brewing, coffee or tea filtration as well as fruits and vegetables.

Easily installs onto brewing kettles by simply keeping the two hooks on the outside of the kettle.  Perfect for small batch brewing, fruit & vegetable purees. 

Perfect size for small kettle filtering and straining.  At 4 inches wide by 10 inches in length, more than one hop addition can be made to the filter.  This size also minimizes boil over which can happen at times when temperatures rise too quickly in the kettle.  

While additions are being made, using a paddle to keep the liquids moving will help reduce your liquid from boiling over.   

Homebrewer Approved!