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O-Ring Red Buna for 4" Fermenter Lid

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The Red O-Ring is designed to seal the threaded lid on all of the fermenters.  The O-Ring is FDA approved for food.  The diameter is 4 inches.  It fits in the slot specially designed for Minibrew® so it will not fall out as you put it in place to screw into the threads of the fermenter.  

The O-Ring is standard equipment on all fermenter orders. 

The second picture show the top of the f6.5xe gasket with the 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Weldless EZ Seal installed.  This additional EZ Seal will allow you to attach various fittings which would make transfers into the fermenter much easier.  You can use quick-connects and run your wort through tubing, in which case it would not see as much oxygen in the transfer.  Lessens chances for infection and spoiling.