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Dry Hopper Mesh Filter - Large

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Food Grade Stainless Steel 304 makes this Mesh Dry Hop Filter easy to clean and sanitize before and after use.  Built to last.

Can be placed directly into the fermentation vessel during fermentation, or during secondary fermentation based.  

300 Micron Mesh material keeps your Spent Hops in the filter, which will provide a cleaner end product with less sediment to filter.

Can be used for both small and large additions of hops, fruit, coffee or teas.  

Stainless Steel is heat resistant and cold resistant so this filter can be added to a Boil Kettle or to Cold Fermentation Vessel without worry of corrosion.  Stainless Steel is also resistant to various acids.  

Size - 7cm (2.75 in) in diameter and 30cm (11.81in) in length.

Homebrewer Approved!