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Air Lock 3 Piece Unit

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Essential for Creating a Closed Fermentation Environment - With three pieces, the airlock creates a closed environment which only allows carbon dioxide to be released, while not allowing air to enter the active fermentation, thus avoiding oxidation

Very Easy to Clean - This airlock completely disassembles with each piece being to be cleaned and sanitized, which is much easier compared to an S-Lock Airlock.  

Active Fermentation Confirmation - Watch the Carbon Dioxide Bubbles bubble within the 3 Piece Airlock.

Tolerates More Vigorous Action - When compared to the S-Lock Airlocks. Easy to clean when Krausen may get back up into your airlock due to a very active fermentation.

Ease of Use - With a number 6.5 Cork can easily be added to any fermenter of your choice.  From 5 gallon buckets to various fermenters, this 3-piece airlock system is easy to use, clean and sanitize. A number 6.5 cork would require a hole to be drilled 1 1/8” in diameter.  

Adapts to Receive Blowoff Tubing - If you think you may need to add a blowoff tube to your fermentation, you can easy remove the top piece, as well as the second piece inside and simply add your blowoff tubing to the stem of the 3-piece airlock.  This is an easy modification that can be made.