8 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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The Minibrew™ - 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter

Make brewing easier, faster, and more fun with The 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter! One tank is all you need. This all in one uni tank is perfect for first-time brewers or experienced brewers looking to simplify their brewing process.

Easy-to-use design and built-in features, the 8 gallon conical fermenter makes brewing beer faster, easier and more enjoyable.  

Perfect for any small batch brewer with its true 60º cone & cylinder to all food grade hardware & gaskets, and stainless steel 304 components, our fermenters have been serving the worldwide brewing community since 1997. 

Fewer transfers & less agitation means less work and lower risk of infection. Easily rack, drop trub, & harvest yeast.  

Easier. Less Time. More Fun. Built to Last.

  • True 60º cone - Convection currents flourish during fermentation
  • Single vessel fermentation - No secondary transfers or siphons
  • Easy Racking - Internal screen filter ensures clear runoff
  • Large 4" top port - Easy access for cleaning & hop additions
  • Aluminum stand - Lightweight with movable tank wedges for lowering tank 
  • All parts & components for fermentation are included


You Can't Buy What You Can Brew

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