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8 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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The MiniBrew™ - 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter

The Minibrew™ 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter is the perfect fermenter for brewing commercial or microbrewery quality beer, with none of the hassle of commercial brewing.

Utilizing a science-backed 60º cone and cylinder, the Minibrew Conical Fermenters create the perfect environment for convection currents and yeast to thrive achieving maximizing utilization of all the ingredients which produces a better-tasting end product.

Not only is it better, it will be ready to serve quicker! The cone and cylinder also nearly cut your fermentation time in half!

Single vessel fermentation means no secondary transfers, no siphons and fewer transfers with less agitation means even less hassle and a lower risk of infection. The fermenter does all the work.

Designed specifically for homebrewing application, each design aspect was carefully chosen to offer the greatest utility, durability and ease of use. All the advantages of fermentation tanks in commercial brewing.  At a fraction of the cost, we deliver the best value in class since 1997.

The Benefits

  • Single vessel - One tank from start to finish
  • Easy Trub removal Drain trub and cold break before pitching
  • Yeast Harvesting - Easy repitching
  • Easy Racking - Internal screen filter ensures clear runoff
  • Large 4" top port - Easy access for cleaning, krausen removal & hop additions
  • Aluminum stand - Lightweight with movable tank wedges for lowering tank 
  • Durable food grade polyethylene construction - Easier to handle and safer than glass
  • Graduated by gallon - Easy to read liquid level through UV protected translucent tank walls
  • Smooth interior wall, removable racking port and fittings - Easy to clean and sanitize
  • CO2 Pressure - Easily transfers into a purged keg without lifting or moving the fermenter
  • Threaded Thermometer Included - Easy to read temperatures throughout the entire fermentation 
  • Temperature control capability - with the MiniBrew SS Coiled Lid

The Specifications

  • Tank - 8 gallon capacity, 38 inches tall & 12 inches wide
  • Tank Lid Gasket - Food Grade Buna-N
  • Stand Legs - 18 inches tall
  • Stand Rings - 12 3/4 inch diameter
  • Cork, Airlock & Ball Lock Posts - 1 1/8 inch drilled hole
  • Racking Port Valve - 3/4 inch stainless steel 304 full port ball valve
  • Racking Port Valve Fittings -  3/4 inch EZ-Seal, hex nipple or NPT to TC adapter and all threaded barb fittings
  • Bottom Dump Valve -  1 inch stainless steel 304 full port ball valve
  • Bottom Dump Valve Fittings - 1 inch  EZ Seal, hex nipple or NPT to TC adapter with street elbow or TC elbow and fittings optional add-ons
  • Ball Lock Transfer Kit - Two 1/2" EZ Seals, 1/2" NPT Ball Lock Post, 1/2" NPT Cap Plug, 1/2" NPT Coupler

Tanks Proudly Handmade & Molded in Southern California since 1997

In the Box

  • Tank - With Lid, Threaded Lid Buna-N Gasket
  • Stand - All Aluminum, Height Adjustable Leg Wedges
  • Fittings - Cork, Airlock & 24 Inches of Silicone Tubing
  • Filter - 6" Threaded Racking Port Filter
  • Thermometer - 1/2" Threaded Stainless Steel Brewing Thermometer
  • Racking Port - Model Purchased Depending; All Fittings Needed in Standard or Tri-Clamp including Barb Fitting for transfers, gaskets and/or clamps 
  • Dump Port Hardware -   Model Purchased Depending; All Fittings Needed in Standard or Tri-Clamp including gaskets and/or clamps
  • Ball Lock Post & Transfer Hardware
  • All Fittings & Hardware Needed for Fermentation
    7 reviews
    • JB
      Joe B.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      2 years ago
      8 gallon fermenter

      Wow I'm impressed !

      Fast shipping, very well packed very easy to set up. Fermenter is heavy duty and holds temperature well. Not like a regular bucket. All the parts I ordered are not cheap junk. I especially like the ball valves as they lock. I just finished my first batch and it was a breeze. I give this product an A++

    • TW
      Terry W.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      2 years ago
      8 gallon fermenter

      Received my 8 gallon fermenter and assembled, well packed. I don't see why instructions would be a big deal as the majority of the components are for the stand. I did over tighten one of the 1/2" bulkhead fittings and tore the gasket but there were spares. I would suggest using two gaskets inside the fermenter for both side fittings. I wish there were volume marks on the fermenter. I used my 5 gallon plastic bucket to locate and mark 5 gallons on the fermenter. Glad I did as that is when I found out the gasket was damaged. I'm quite satisfied and the product and will buy another once I see if my brewing skills justify it.

    • LP
      Lynn P.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      2 years ago
      MiniBrew 8 gal fermenter

      Received the package well packed, and in a

      timely fashion. I haven’t assembled the

      fermenter yet. But all the parts are high

      quality. Overall I’m quite satisfied with the

      product I ordered, and highly recommend the

      MiniBrew 8gal conical fermenter.

    • SD
      Steven D.
      Rated 3 out of 5 stars
      3 years ago
      Instrustions not included

      I have not yet fermented with the conical, so I can not speak on function. I will add a note on the design and assembly difficulties. First...package did not come with assembly instructions, so you are finding your self assembling and reassembling from trial and error. Customer service said they were sending me a copy to my email, never got it. Design does not add ease to assembly. Unless you are a wire thin, long armed person, bulkheads (bottom) are nearly impossible to assemble. Instructions may have been helpful and saved some time. Still not fully assembled, I don't have a socket larger than 1-1/2 in . Edges of the plastic is sharp, wear gloves.

    • JD
      John D.
      I recommend this product
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      4 years ago
      High Quality

      So far so good with my 8 Gallon Conical Fermenter. My first 6.5 gallon batch of ESB is just finishing up. There was plenty of headspace during high krausen and I was at terminal gravity very quickly. I'd say it is a great deal for the money and the parts and materials are all top notch. My only issue was with the large fitting, which was a challenge to attach because the threading on either the nut or the hollow bolt wasn't cut as precisely as the other ones and I had to throw it in a vise and get the old pipe wrench out to force it along a few times. Not a big deal for someone who has a fairly well equipped shop, but for most people it might have been a greater challenge. The other fittings slipped on very easily and went together perfectly. I've had a few minor leaks, mostly because I didn't want to over-tighten, but an extra half turn or so did the trick. Having done mostly 3 and 5 gallon batched, I didn't realize how much heavier 6.5 is, so make sure when you fill it, its where its going to live until you empty it. I see a homemade wheeled cart in my future. Great product!

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