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7 Gallon Conical Fermenter

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The MiniBrew™ - 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter

The Original Minibrew™ 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter is the perfect fermenter for brewing commercial or microbrewery quality beer, with none of the hassle of commercial brewing.

Utilizing a science-backed 60º cone and cylinder, the Minibrew Conical Fermenters create the perfect environment for convection currents and yeast to thrive achieving maximizing utilization of all the ingredients which produces a better-tasting end product.

Not only is it better, it will be ready to serve quicker! The cone and cylinder also nearly cut your fermentation time in half!

Single vessel fermentation means no secondary transfers, no siphons and fewer transfers with less agitation means even less hassle and a lower risk of infection. The fermenter does all the work.

Designed specifically for homebrewing application, each design aspect was carefully chosen to offer the greatest utility, durability and ease of use. All the advantages of fermentation tanks in commercial brewing.  At a fraction of the cost, we deliver the best value in class since 1997.

The Benefits

  • Single vessel - One tank from start to finish
  • Easy Trub removal Drain trub and cold break before pitching
  • Yeast Harvesting - Easy repitching
  • Easy Racking - Port located on the angle of the cone
  • Large 4" top port - Easy access for cleaning, krausen removal & hop additions
  • Aluminum stand - Lightweight with movable tank wedges for lowering tank 
  • Durable food grade polyethylene construction - Easier to handle and safer than glass
  • Graduated by gallon - Easy to read liquid level through UV protected translucent tank walls
  • Smooth interior wall, removable racking port and fittings - Easy to clean and sanitize
  • CO2 Pressure - Easily transfers into a purged keg without lifting or moving the fermenter (requires the ball lock transfer add-on kit)
  • Temperature control capability - with the MiniBrew SS Coiled Lid

The Specifications

  • Tank - 7 gallon capacity, 37 inches tall & 11 3/4 inches wide
  • Tank Lid Gasket - Food Grade Buna-N
  • Stand Legs - 18 inches tall
  • Stand Rings - 12 3/4 inch diameter
  • Cork, Airlock & Ball Lock Posts - 1 1/8 inch drilled hole
  • Racking Port Valve - 1/2 inch stainless steel 304 full port ball valve
  • Racking Port Valve Fittings -  1/2 inch EZ-Seal, hex nipple or NPT to TC adapter and all threaded barb fittings
  • Bottom Dump Valve -  3/4 inch stainless steel 304 full port ball valve
  • Bottom Dump Valve Fittings - 3/4 inch  EZ Seal, hex nipple or NPT to TC adapter with street elbow or TC elbow and fittings optional add-ons

Fermenters Proudly Handmade & Molded in Southern California since 1997

In the Box

  • Tank - With Lid, Threaded Lid Buna-N Gasket
  • Stand - All Aluminum, Height Adjustable Leg Wedges
  • Fittings - Cork & Airlock
  • Racking Port - Model Purchased Depending; All Fittings Needed in Standard or Tri-Clamp including Barb Fitting for transfers, gaskets and/or clamps 
  • Dump Port Hardware -  Model Purchased Depending; All Fittings Needed in Standard or Tri-Clamp including gaskets and/or clamps
  • All Fittings & Hardware Needed for Fermentation

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