2" TC Compression Bulkhead Fitting

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Tri-Clamp fittings have long been used in the Food & Beverage Industries, but due to their wide-ranging use they are also commonly used in the Pharmaceutical & Medical fields to ensure sanitation while transferring liquids or medications. 

There is no need for welding or soldering when using this Weldless Compression Bulkhead Fitting. Attach it to any 2” TC Component with a 45mm drilled hole in your vessel.

Once installed, this fitting will enable you to connect any 2” TC Fitting you may need. In example, a Ball Valve to move fluid from the bottom of the inside a vessel to the outside.

These are extremely high quality pieces machined out of SS304 and polished to perfection (except for the locknut which is cast finish SS304).

The silicone O-ring is included and is fitted to allow a tight, secure port for you project. Our silicone O-ring is good grade quality and allows for easy cleaning & sanitizing.

The fitting can be used in multiple vessels which offers versatile use and project options.