2" TC Compression Bulkhead Fitting

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Tri-Clamp fittings have long been used in the Food & Beverage Industries, but due to their wide-ranging use they are also commonly used in the Pharmaceutical & Medical fields to ensure sanitation while transferring liquids or medications. 


  • Food Grade SS304 Resists Corrosion and Ensures Long-Term Use
  • 2" Tri-Clamp Adapter Fittings
  • Uses 2" TC Silicone Gaskets on the outer ferrule
  • Easy to Install and Remove for Cleaning & Sanitizing. Polished surface.
  • Rated for use in Food, Beverage and other Industries where Sanitation is Imperative.
  • This fitting will handle temperatures up to within the range of 248-300ºF

There is no need for welding or soldering when using this Weldless Compression Bulkhead Fitting. Attach it to any 2” TC Component with a 45mm drilled hole in your vessel.

Once installed, this fitting will enable you to connect any 2” TC Fitting you may need. In example, a Ball Valve to move fluid from the bottom of the inside a vessel to the outside.

These are extremely high quality pieces machined out of SS304 and polished to perfection (except for the locknut which is cast finish SS304).

The silicone O-ring is included and is fitted to allow a tight, secure port for you project. Our silicone O-ring is good grade quality and allows for easy cleaning & sanitizing.

The fitting can be used in multiple vessels which offers versatile use and project options. 

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