98 Gallon Conical Fermenter


The Minibrew® 98er - 98 Gallon Conical Fermenter

Custom Designed by Homebrewers for Small Batch Brewers

Perfect for 60 plus gallon fermentations.  The 98 gallon conical fermenter is used by small craft breweries, microbreweries and wineries. Designed with either a steel or aluminum stand, these tanks are easy to modify to suit your brewing style.

We've also added a brewing thermometer. This port also allows for easy conversion to a digital thermometer with ease.  

The Conical Bottom is a 60º angle from the cylinder. The slope is just the right angle so the trub, dead yeast cells and everything falling out of suspension will slide to the bottom at the apex of the cone.  

Designed specifically for small batch brewing & winery applications, each feature was carefully chosen to offer the greatest utility, durability and ease of use. 

Affordably priced, our Conical Fermenters can be purchased alone or with stands to make your small batch experience complete. 

Benefits Include:

  • True 60º Cone - Ideal for Proper Convection Currents to Flourish During Fermentation
  • Easy Trub Removal - Drain Trub and Cold Break before Pitching
  • Yeast Harvesting - Easy Re-pitching
  • Easy Racking - Using an Internal Screen Filter Ensures Clear Runoff
  • Durable Polyethylene Construction - Easy to Clean
  • Large Top Opening - Easy access for Cleaning and Krausen Removal
  • Smooth Interior Tank Wall, Easily receives Tri-Clover Fittings


TANK: 98 gallon Conical Fermenter, 5/16" thick Food Grade HDPE.

STAND: Alluminum or Steel Built Stands are available.  Must ship on pallet.

VALVES & COMPONENTS: All Food Grade SS304 Valves & Hardware.

THERMOMETER: Includes 1/2" Bulkhead port for 0-220º Brewing                    Thermometer.  Easily receives digital thermometer.

RACKING FITTINGS: 1/2" Male NPT x 3/8" Barbed Hose Fitting (food                grade plastic). Easily receives tubing of your choice. Internal 6" threaded          screen filter purchased separately.  

SHIPPING & DELIVERY: One fermenter per pallet.  Large tanks are custom      made to order and can be completed and ready for shipment within four            weeks from the date of order. Contact in advance for shipping                            quotations.

CHECKOUT: Please contact for checkout.  Shipping rates can easily be confirmed before purchase.  Once confirmed, payment for the order can be made.  

     TANK & STAND DIMENSIONS: Contact for tank & stand foot print diagram.

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Professional Design with Master Brewer Attributes

Setup Files Available for Download After Purchase

Proudly Made & Shipped from the USA

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