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24" SS304 Mash Paddle

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This SS304 24” Mash paddle is designed as a Mash Tun Paddle or Kettle Paddle in home brewing as well as any kitchen setting.  

The paddle is lightweight, and hollow which will not get hot even when using in boiling water.  Great for mashing all-grain recipes or while stirring in extract syrup into your kettle.  light in weight, it is very easy to maneuver around the kettle.

SS304 is easy to clean and sanitize before and after use.  Stainless Steel will last much longer than a plastic paddle, and is also more resistant to chemicals.  Stainless Steel 304 is also Food Grade and rust and corrosion resistant.  

15 hole pattern will keep things moving through the paddle while working it within the kettle. Paddle also has a convenient hanging hook on the end for easy storage.  

Light Weight

Easy to Clean

Built to Last

Size: 2.36in x 2.36in x 24.40in