Sale Model 25 Gallon Conical Fermenter

$500 $555

Sale Model

This model of tank has a 4" Sealing Lid, which is the same lid used on the smaller Fermenters as well.  This lid works wonderfully, but we felt in the end, it may be a little too small for some people.  So, take advantage of a great deal.  

The Thermometer is above the top hoop, thereby making it much easier to take out of the stand.  However, the thermometer is sold separately.

This model does have the latest model of stand for the larger Fermenters.  We call it the Open Barrel Fermenter Stand.  Built of Aluminum, this stand was designed to accommodate larger batches.  Holes have been pre-drilled on the bottom ring so you can bolt it in place, or secure it.  

Thermometer is sold separately

The Minibrew® General - 25 Gallon Conical Fermenter

If you are looking forward to 20 gallon batches, The General gets it done! Clean & Easy.  Collect trub and yeast for your next beer from the large bottom valve, and skip the secondary fermentation vessel. 

The General is also named after one of the Founding Fathers.  The General George Washington was known to be one serious connoisseur of beer!  In fact, he preferred a Porter.

American Brewing History here. Washington & Beer history here.

Experience the tank used by professionals across the brewing industry. The conical design is unparalleled in its ability to deliver consistent results batch after batch. 

Efficiency truly meets effective.  

Forget about siphoning and pulling all the yeast and trub out along with your beer, with the included racking/tasting port. Eliminate potential contamination opportunities by completing your fermentation in one vessel. Transfers couldn't be easier. 

Make the most efficient big batch you've made yet. For the Craft Brewery or the most serious of the home-brew crew.  


Whats the Minibrew®️25 Gallon Conical Fermenter?

  • Arrives Ready to Brew. Assemble, Clean, Sanitize, Fill, and Pitch.
  • Durable, Easy to Clean, and Less Expensive than Stainless Steel.
  • All Stainless Steel Fittings Included.
  • Our Sturdy, All Metal Ridged Stand.
  • Save Money on Yeast by Reusing Your Collected Flocculated Yeast.
  • 25 Gallon Capacity Leaves Plenty of Head Space for Your 20 Gallon Batches.
  • Our Conical Fermenters are Proudly Made Right Here in the USA.


Whats Included?

1. The Minibrew Fermenter, Durable with Full 5/16 Inch Wall Thickness, with a Unique 60 Degree Conical Bottom and Cylindrical Top Gives a More Complete Fermentation, Faster.
2. Our Rigid All Metal Construction Stand.
3. Two Stainless Steel Weld-Less EZ Seal Bulkhead Fittings.
1 x 3/4 Inch
1 x 1/2 inch
4. Stainless Steel Valves and Fittings are Included.
1 x 3/4 inch valve for harvesting flocculating yeast and trub
1x 1/2 inch valve for racking, tasting, and gravity samples
2x vinyl 1/2 by 3/8 barbs are included for connecting to a bottling line or keg filling tube
5. Cork & Airlock and All Assembly Instructions.

Please Note - Thermometer is sold separately

NOTE: After completion of the sale, setup and instruction files will be sent via eMail. All files are .pdf format, and can be downloaded through the link provided. If you do not receive the eMail, kindly send an eMail through the Contact Us form on the website, and we'll get that sent to you.

The tank, when in the stand, measures 53" tall and 21.5" wide. 




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