6.5g & 8g Conical Fermenter Bundle

$427.50 $475

Only 10 pieces in stock!

The 6.5g Conical Fermenter does not have the additional port for the Thermometer or Thermowell.  But, does come with a 4" Threaded Screen that can be used on the Internal Threads of the Racking Port EZ Seal Weldless Bulkhead, or in a boil kettle.

The 8g Conical Fermenter affords you a little more head space, and does come with the  additional port, into which we've placed a thermometer.  The 8g Conical Fermenter does come with the Thermometer, but does not include the small 4" Threaded Screen.  


NOTE: After completion of the sale, setup and instruction files will be sent via eMail. All files are .pdf format, and can be downloaded through the link provided. If you do not receive the eMail, kindly send an eMail through the Contact Us form on the website, and we'll get that sent to you.

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