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Welcome to Minibrew.com, we are excited to tell you about our products!

We believe they are unique and the best. We are the trendsetters. We are breaking tradition in the beer/wine making industry. We were first to manufacture a small affordable 60 degree conical fermenter out of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Our products are affordable, easy to use, and friendly. The plastic is completely inert and easy to clean and sterilize.


Industries concerned about sterilization, unwanted bacteria, and price use HDPE.   We see HDPE products in medical companies, hospitals and medical research companies’ worldwide, plus the USGS.  We also see it used in breweries and wineries.  Sanitation and sterilization is extremely important to all these companies.  One major medical company uses our conical fermenters for a blood plasma separation device to help people like you and me.  A research company uses our conical fermenter trying to locate blood specs in the human system.  A major Brewing Company uses our conicals for their classroom studies.   A major award winning winery uses our conical fermenters in their research laboratory with a view to developing new tastes.  The industries mentioned here are major companies that can afford the best stainless steel on the market.  However, they buy HDPE.  These businesses are very successful.


We have broken all barriers. In the beginning, beer was made by Egyptians in stone crocks. The Belgium’s made improvements using wood sealed with pitch. Then copper was used in the big beer producing countries. In the 30’s stainless steel was developed, and became the standard in the ‘60s.  Today, high density polyethylene plastic is used worldwide and is becoming the standard.


We shipped our first conical fermenter in 1997.  It has been a fun challenge and we are winning, as the business is growing. We now ship worldwide.

If you have any inquiries, please visit FAQ or send me a note.

John S. Thomas
Hobby Beverage Equipment Co
Box 1387 Temecula CA 92593
951 676 2337


I just entered that order you shipped yesterday. I love the site, I like the order notice and the look. Great Job. I’ll continue on selling your products.


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